Services Offered

Dr. Kaplan founded our modern office known for its use of technology and range of Chiropractic techniques, Weight Loss Program and other services.  We work to assist our clients in reaching their health goals.  "Not everyone has the same goals for their health.  Some people want to feel a little better than they have been feeling.  Some people want to reach their highest health potential.  Whatever your goals are, our job is to assist you in moving in the direction you choose" says Dr. Kaplan.  

Weight Loss Program - We address the primary components now known to interfere with weight loss efforts and keeping the lost weight off.  Our program is fast, safe and effective and is doctor monitored.  Wanda and Gary B. lost over 100 pounds on our program and kept it off.  Nancy lost 20 pounds in the first 2 weeks and kept it off.  Dr. Kaplan lost over 15 pounds in less than 2 weeks and has kept it off for over a year.  Call for your consultation to find out if you qualify for this Weight Loss Program.


Chiropractic CareA lot of people believe that an adjustment involves twisting and popping of the joints of the spine.  Although there are many different adjusting techniques, we offer options.  We use technology called the "Sigma Instrument Adjusting" along with other models of adjusting.  These include the Integrator instrument and Activator Methods adjustiing as well as manual techniques.  The Sigma Instrument is an advanced technological instrument that analyzes, adjusts and re-analyzes after the adjustment to verify the outcomes of the adjustment.  This requires no twisting or popping.  It is one of the most researched adjusting techniques and is consistent, comfortable and computerized.  Sometimes a combination of techniques is what you need, getting the best results for you.  Our goal is to provide the best care with the most comfort and ease.   

Other Services:

* On-Premises X-Ray Facility

*Computerized Nerve Testing - comfortable and non invasive 

*Compterized scanning for customized shoe inserts (Orthotics) - technology at it's best for your orthotic needs that address all 3 arches of the foot.

*Physiotherapies - to support the healing process

*Website Store [Chiropractic Depot] - purchase health items, supports, pillows, rehab related items...and more...all at very reasonable prices.  Order direct from the supplier and save.  Check it ,  click on Chiropractic Depot tab and see for yourself.

*Offering the highest qualtiy, highest rated MultiVitamin / MultiMineral complex available today 



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