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Call today to schedule your complimentary WEIGHT LOSS CONSULTATION.  See if you qualify for this very effective, fast and safe program.  Wanda and Gary lost over 100 pounds on our program.  Nancy lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks and continues to lose more.  Shellie lost 4 pounds in 5 days after years of being frustrated and trying many weight loss programs.  And Dr. Kaplan lost over 15 pounds quickly and has kept it off for over a year.  The neat thing is our patients not only lost a lot of weight, they keep it off easily.  Call (630)832-4476 today!


For a partial list of products and other services available from Kaplan Chiropractic, please visit our Chiropractic Depot store by clicking the "Chiropractic Depot" tab.   You can order most of these items online and have them shipped directly to you saving you money.


**L-Arginine complex - Tis formulation is great for cardiovascular support and heart health.  Results are outstanding and has been shown to assist in lowering blood pressure and reducing risk of heart disease. Available in-office only.

**Liquid Vitamins - one of the best quality multi-vitamin / multi-mineral products on the market today.  This formula is made from 7 sea vegetables harvested in their natural habitat. This also helps boost metabolism and assists with weight loss. - Available in-office only

**Homeopathic Hormonal Cremes - helps restore hormonal balance.  As we age our hormone production reduces rapidly.  We produce much less than when we are younger causing hormonal deficiencies.  This reduction puts stresses and strains on the body and results in compromised health.  These formulations are natural (nothing synthetic) and are making people feel younger and more vibrant, feeling young and energized again.  These cremes have been referred to as "Anti-Aging Cremes".  Available in-office only.

**Ultra Cleanse - to detoxify your body on a cellular level. Toxins accumulate in the body from day to day exposures to the environment and things we eat.  Fat accumulates around these toxins and is a major reason why people have trouble losing weight and especially keeping it off.  These toxins also set the scene for other diseases and disorders to occur.  This formula is one of the very best available and is part of our detox / cleanse program.  Available in-office only.

**Inflammation Formula - reduced inflammation systemically as well as locally.  Available in-office only.

**Metabolic drops - one of the KEY INGREDIENTS of our highly successful weight loss program.  Available in-office only


**Pillows:  Neck and low back

**Flex-gel Ice Packs - lasts for years

**Customized Shoe Inserts - computerized scans creating the highest quality orthotics available today: These address all 3 arches of the foot making it one of the world's best orthotics.  Don't settle for orthotics that don't address the full needs of your feet.  Available in office only

**Low back supports / belts

...and much more.  Just visit the Chiropractic Depot on our website to find the items that you want.  Order today and save more money.